Pulls participation
• Users self select by choosing to install their CD.
• Once installed, users choose to access Marketing Window and Web Link.

Offers channel to strengthen and deepen customer relationship
Marketing Window & Web Link offer two-way communication. Users can be prompted to take action in different ways: e.g. to seek additional information, make a purchase, respond to a promotion.

Enriches brand engagement that intrinsically appeals to the user
Marketing Window, Web Link and the daily image vary in approach and content, adding an element of unpredictability.

Signals upcoming events
• Changing images and information are date specific. They provide timely prompts for upcoming events, promotions and seasonal activities.
• Events can be anticipated with a countdown graphic approach.

User Acceptance can be measured
• Feedback mechanisms can be integrated into existing site reporting environments.

• Internet activity is controlled by the user via the web link avoiding Always On internet connectivity issues.

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